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Design Permit & Build

Design Permit & Build

Design & Build Construction is a fast-growing project delivery system gaining a wide spread traction in the Canadian Construction industry. It is a streamlined method to deliver a project more effectively and its cost-efficient to the client .The contractor will handle the whole project from the design phase to the ultimate completion. Our Team provides clients with a single point of responsibility to effectively minimize risks, increase efficiency and reduce the project delivery timeline by overlapping the design and construction phases, helping you open your doors faster for less. 

Unlike the traditional construction method where the client would meet with the designer on one end and the contractor on the other end. Design-Build Contracting provides benefits to commercial business owners as it gives the owner the ability to choose a single company to bear the full responsibility for the design, construction, and commissioning of their commercial project.

This eliminates inefficiency in the project and streamlines the whole construction experience. At IBD Constructions, we collaborate with our own design team to provide our clients with the highest quality service .

Benefits of design and build Construction: Faster delivery, Cost savings, Higher Quality service ,Better Quality Project ,Singular Responsibility, Reduced Administrative Burden, Reduced Risk, Better Quality Control, Reduced Design Time, Efficient Budget management.